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Apparently Poles like to borrow and defend against this. They are happy to do so and complain about debts. Most often, however, we complain that we have to borrow, that the situation in the country forces us to do it, that we earn too little. Sometimes we just can’t save ourselves, spending all the extra money we get.

What exactly are these loans for? What do we borrow for?

What exactly are these loans for? What do we borrow for?

We tried to gather in one place the most common borrowing needs of Poles. Here they are:

flat, renovation – we often have no choice but to live on our own – we need to ask for financial support from banking institutions. For this purpose, we usually choose the most profitable mortgage. Attractive installments, long loan period, low interest rate definitely encourages you to take advantage. Is this also your need? Compare mortgage offers.

Other housing needs, household appliances, electronics – probably everyone knows the situation when home appliances break down: washing machine, fridge, TV, etc. all of a sudden, without notice and we frantically grab for savings. However, we don’t always have these savings, so we often reach for a bank loan. If your TV broke or you found an ideal computer in your store, compare cash loan offers.

Car – more and more Poles repeat that “without a car is like without a hand”. However, this means of transport is not the cheapest. You have to pay for convenience. Fortunately, banks have introduced car loans to their offer, thanks to which getting your dream vehicle is much faster and easier. If you belong to this group of people who are looking for a good car for a loan, compare car loan offers

Sudden, unforeseen expenses

Sudden, unforeseen expenses

As we have already mentioned, we often complain about too low income. Not to mention the fact that it is hard to put something away, sometimes it is not enough for a living until the next payment. If suddenly it turns out that the pipe burst and you need to call a plumber or at a child’s school collect money for a trip and we do not want our child to miss this pleasure, we are looking for a loan. We can try with family, friends, but if it is impossible, we visit non-bank institutions, where we can quickly and easily get the amount we need. Unexpected expenses happen to everyone. If you find yourself in this situation, compare quick loan offers .

Company – setting up your own business is no longer just for the selected ones. Currently, almost anyone can do it and more and more people are deciding to do it. In this way, you can earn for yourself, in your own way and at your discretion. Although establishing a company is not difficult, as we have already written in the article “How to quickly and easily set up a company?” , The same development can cost us a lot of work and money. We don’t always have enough cash, especially if the idea for starting a business was born quite recently, so it’s worth using the bank’s help. As a future or current entrepreneur, compare company loan offers.

Holidays – we save the whole year on holidays


But we don’t always succeed. Then comes the vacation and we want to spend this time with the family on the beach, in the mountains or abroad. For this purpose, it is worth taking a loan and going on a dream vacation, and pay it back gradually after returning. It is often easier to pay off holidays than to save on them.

Great occasions – we mean baptisms, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Most often we know about it before, but we do not have the opportunity to save the appropriate amount of money, which will certainly mess up our home budget. Although we like all these occasions, we often admit that they are very expensive and affect our finances. We don’t feel it so much thanks to the loan. All you have to do is set up convenient installments and repayment times.

And for what purpose do you borrow money? Do you prefer to borrow or save?

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