Non-Bank Lending Companies

People who have not worked with banks before or who have difficulty in repaying the loan they may have used previously may not be able to work with banks because of a broken record. As you know, credit rating is one of the most important criteria for attracting credit. Unfortunately, people with low credit ratings prefer credit options provided by different institutions instead of banks . As before, 2018 – 2019 it is very easy to find credit lending places outside the bank . Thanks to this article, we will give you information about the places that give credit outside the bank. If you read our article completely until the end, you can reach the financial companies where you can use credit except banks.


Non-Bank Lending Places 2018 – 2019 Where are they?

Non-Bank Lending Places 2018 - 2019 Where are they?

With the new regulation, many financial companies can give you credit at the interest rates set by you when certain criteria are met. For example, Koç Finance is a financial company founded by Kai Holding . In general, this company can be seen when we want to buy the vehicle brands owned by Kai Holding . Thanks to Kai Finans, you can continuously use vehicle loans. The firms established by such large holdings are legal firms subject to audit and are as reliable as banks.

Such large conglomerates are able to obtain these funds from their own companies under the name of credit and they are based on customer satisfaction. You can use credit from such companies with certain interest rates in exchange for the deed and you can do your job without going to the banks. However, even if such companies will not make you non-question-free credit payment, you can request additional information and documents . These documents may vary from company to company, or some companies may not want.


Which Other Companies Are Loaning By Deed?

Which Other Companies Are Loaning By Deed?

In addition to such large holdings, you can also request money from small businesses . For example, today some dealers , jewelers can lend you money in exchange for promissory notes and of course this money to you within the framework of certain interest rates. However, the credibility and legality of this situation may indeed be the subject of debate. Although you are in a dead-end situation, the methods you should first apply should be completely legal and reliable . This kind of person and people will get into trouble after the money you get in the case of such a case. As you are not a big company or a corporate enterprise, your addressee will be direct persons. In addition, this transaction is strictly and absolutely not legal !

Recently, banks have considerably reduced credit options and approval thresholds. Did you know that you can get a loan even if your bank record is broken? You can read our letter named veren Banks which give credit to the broken record ve and learn all the details.

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