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Credit calculation nominal or effective? 

Credit calculation nominal or effective? 

Hi! In an offer thread, one or the other question was asked about the profitability of a leveraged investment. one or the other question. The quotation I have given does not concern the components used or the current market prices, but the profitability of refinancing via the remuneration or profitability of the savings account.

That’s what sun2008 demanded: … to have adequate profitability or at least a reasonable payback time. Seen from a purely financial point of view, however, no good profitability can be recognized. For the financings, the effective interest rate is crucial because it includes the total cost of the loan (eg land registry, processing fee, discount, etc.) for which you also have to pay.

The repayment installment of an annuity loan would have to be 5.8% eff. and a loan amount of $ 27,000, – 3.5%, ie 9.1%. This would be the monthly cost of $ 212 loans. Added to this are the provisions for at least one change of inverter after x years and the insurance premiums.

It is to be hoped that loan interest rates will not increase by 3% after the end of the fixed interest period. If I use the profitability calculation as a basis, which I think is very good, then I get a return on equity of 6.34% after deducting income taxes, with the current nominal interest rate of 4.8% at a maturity Calculate from 10 years and 10 years fixed rate.

No idea what is uneconomical about it or what to calculate. Imagine now, together with our commercial bank, we have a cooperation program in which the customers have a 100% distribution and a nominal interest of 3.75%. Beautiful? Completely without “Schönrechnen” Not nominal, the actual expenditure is crucial.

You will not have to charge anything nice, but it will pay off well for your clientele. But, as I said, the whole thing should be a thought provoking impulse to visualize the whole realism and to question whether profitability is really profitable for you.

Nominal interest or not?

Nominal interest or not?

What information do you provide under the program for an interest, it should be the nominal interest or not? Of course you are right Fotodingsbums, if you expect an increased interest, the 17 years will not be long enough. On the other hand, it is not just a question of whether a low 4200 kWp price is appropriate, but also whether it is justified to take into account the current remuneration, even if the season, the current fashion prices, the current interest, the place and in this Special case the alignment of the compass to a plant.

But now for the sake of interest again, what do you enter with the nominal interest in the area? But even with the sun calculator. I would, contrary to what is written there, not with the nominal, But calculate with the effective interest rate, because only this shows all credit interest and tells me what I actually, so effectively, have to pay.

My statement should mean that in the case of external financing, the factory can only finance itself if it at least injects the loan interest (interest + repayment). This is 8-10% in current market conditions and lasting less than 20 years. That, without further expenses or the amount of interest after the expiration of the first interest limitation to take into account.

The 9% are fine, but unfortunately they are used for the cost of the loans. Where are the provisions for a rise in interest rates after the end of the commitment period? Let’s assume that there is a 5 kWp solar system for 200,000 USD, your home with property is 250,000 USD without investment value (today’s price), your solar system would be ten years when buying a house and nobody will pay you more then half = ten. 000 USD for it.

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