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Borrowing for renovation with the help of Jim Hawkins, we list a variety of lenders to help you borrow for renovation of your apartment or house. Click on a lender in the list below to start your loan application.

You can apply directly to one of our lenders or use one of the comparison services or through a loan broker. There are a few different ways to borrow for renovation, Lendo and Zmarta compare renovation loans from over 20 different banks and lending institutions at the same time as only one UC request is made.

Good Finance is a loan broker who makes a credit report


And sends your loan application to over 25 different lenders. Then you get a variety of loan offers on a cheap renovation loan and you can choose the offer that suits you best. Alternatively, you can take a member loan from your bank if you are a union member. You can then usually take out a loan of up to USD 250,000 or sometimes 350,000 in a member loan.

If you take out a renovation loan with collateral, it means that you extend your current mortgage and then get your current interest rate and can prove to be a good, cheap alternative. However, keep in mind the new amortization law and if you do not need to repay today you may have to repay your mortgage when you re-subscribe. An alternative is a refurbished loan with no collateral. This is really like any private loan with no security just that you take it specifically for a renovation.

Some save their money together before they do their renovation, this is the best way we would say but can take a long time to save capital so it is enough for a more extensive renovation. You may not always want to save for several years to get your dream home, as many choose to borrow the money, renovate and pay off the loan in the long run.

An alternative is to borrow from friends and acquaintances but everyone does not want to mix friends and relatives in their business. You do not have to pay interest, but there can be problems in the relationship if they suddenly have to have their money back. Think carefully before you borrow money, whether it is from a bank, a credit company, a friend, a relative or a mother. Borrowing money is something you should always do responsibly.

  • Borrow 5000 USD. Borrow USD 10000. Borrow USD 15000. Borrow USD 20000. Borrow USD 25000.
  • Borrow USD 30000. Borrow 35,000 kr. Borrow USD 40000. Borrow USD 45,000. Borrow USD 50000.

Borrow on the house

Borrow on the house

Borrow on the house and extend your existing mortgage. In this way, you borrow more money on your current mortgage and negotiate a new agreement, or keep your old loan agreement but add a larger amount

A house is an investment and spending money on your house can greatly increase the value of the house.

This may be a good idea if you plan to sell the house in the future. By investing capital on the house, the value of the house increases. You can earn a good chop on renovating kitchens and bathrooms before selling.

If these rooms hold a modern standard, people are willing to pay more. Here you can read more about what a mortgage loan is.

Loans for renovation

Loans for renovation

You can easily find loans for renovation with the help of a loan broker. We list a variety of loan brokers at Jim Hawkins. Just click on the links below and the loan brokers will handle the application process for you. Choose one of our loan brokers here from the list below to get help borrowing for renovation now.

  • Good Finance – Mortgage brokers to help you borrow for renovation. Mediates loans of up to USD 600,000. When you apply, you get offers from over 20 banks. The service is free to use.
  • Arcadia Finance – Mortgage brokers to help you borrow for renovation. Free loan brokers to help you find loans of up to USD 500,000. Offers interest rates from 3.25% onwards.
  • Lendo – Mortgage brokers to help you borrow for renovation. Mediates loans of up to USD 500,000. You must have an annual income of more than USD 110,000 to apply for a loan for renovation.
  • Bankio – Mortgage brokers to help you borrow for renovation. Mediates unsecured private loans with offers from over 20 banks. Helps you find the best interest rate. Borrowing up to USD 500,000.

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