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Since January 12, 2015, Banco de Portugal has made available the citizens’ access to the Banking Accounts Database. This data base is more important in a context where banks are being tempted to increase the commissions associated with their current accounts.

The Accounts Database has information about deposit accounts, payments accounts, credit accounts and financial instruments. It also informs about the holders and persons authorized to move the various accounts, whether natural or legal persons.

For access just follow this link and make your authentication with your taxpayer number and password to access the finance portal. Alternatively, you can also authenticate with your citizen card by simply having your PIN, the card reader and its software.

Everyone has the right to access to and information about the contents of records on his or her behalf. This information is reported by financial and payment institutions and is information that is the sole responsibility of these institutions.


A Tool that Complements the Credit Responsibility Central

A Tool that Complements the Credit Responsibility Central

This new tool, together with the Credit Responsibility Center, is an essential tool for better management of the finances of Portuguese taxpayers. Both maps should be consulted regularly for better control of your money and the information that concerns you. Correct management of your bank accounts can save you money without much effort … and we all like it!


What to do with this information?

What to do with this information?

After collecting this information you already have more information available than most of the Portuguese. You can use all this information to improve the management of your personal finances, start saving or reinforcing your savings.

If you still find it difficult to accumulate some assets, we suggest that you search our site for tips and savings suggestions that can make all the difference. 30 savings tips arrive?

If you think the time has come to take control of your Accounts, be aware of the next articles and if you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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